Boost your CV with The BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Certificate

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What is the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting

The BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting allows a company or person to vetting new members of staff in house and is recommended by the British Standard as the most effective method for vetting new employees and is also now becoming a requirement in many industries such as security, finance, recruitment, child care and sub-contracting. Many employers are starting to use The BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting process to help minimise taking on new members of staff that could be a cause for concern or who are not forth coming with their employment history.

Why is it needed?

As fraud in the workplace increases businesses are looking to tighten their recruitment processes. Some businesses outsource their BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting but are not finding it cost effective, some business use the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting procedure to ensure outsourced companies are doing their job correctly and some business do not have a vetting process at all which can leave them vulnerable to internal fraud, legal issues and possible loss of clients.

Who is this course for?

The Course is for (but not exclusive to) those in or looking to get into the field of

  • HR
  • Personnel Training Officers
  • Administrators
  • Secretarial Work
  • Recruitment
  • Running own business


How can the BS7858 2019 Certification benefit me?

Having the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Certificate will boost your CV, the BS7858 2019 is an asset to companies as it helps employers carry out in house vetting and also shows you as an individual can confidently and competently carry out pre-employment checks on new employees. Also it is a requirement for some companies as part of their accreditation or license to operate.

What does the course entail?

  • What the requirements are for Screening & Vetting.
  • The importance of screening employees.
  • The importance of accurate screening
  • How to obtain the data needed for accurate screening.
  • Procedures relating to screening
  • Necessary documentation
  • The Statutory declaration
  • The relevant requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  • Legislation affecting the process
  • An online examination.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course and assessment takes approximately 1 Day to complete depending on learning speed, the average completion time is between 3 – 6 hours. Once you have taken the assessment and passed you will be able to instantly download your certificate.

How do I get Started?

Simply click the ‘Enrol Online’ Button to register first, once registered you will received a confirmation email which you will need to click, this will take you to your account where you can make a payment of £85 to enrol. Once you have made payment you will get access to all your course materials, information, video and online assessment. Once you pass the assessment you will be able to download your certificate. Click the button below to get started. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 660 4550.

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Instant Certification

BS7858 Certification and Health & Safety Certification

When you pass any of our courses you will receive a Certificate of Completion to prove you have gained the necessary skills required. Our Certificates can also be verified online in any cases of auditing.


This online training course has been specifically developed to provide a convenient and cost effective online course solution for both the BS 7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Certificate and the Health & Safety Certificate.

You can study at your own pace, in the office or at home. Each course has a time limit that has been set knowing that most learners will complete the course before the maximum time.

Successful students will receive a BS7858 2019 Certificate of completion or a Health & Safety Certificate which can be verified when required.

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