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Welcome to firmSeo: Specialised Employment Operations

firmSeo provide an online platform for business and personal training.


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To contact us outside of our opening times please feel free to use this contact form.

firmSeo work with employers and employees to improve skills and standards of professionalism, by providing access to training courses and qualifications, we help develop career’s and also help employers improve their internal employee processing and management.

We provide a simple yet powerful online training system to make learning easy, convenient and cost effective.

Our motto is to keep it simple sweetie, so all our courses are simple to understand and easy to follow ensuring you maximise your learning.

firmSeo current provides BS 7858 training for every area of employment including, Security Industry, Care Institutions, NHS Trusts, Building Societies, Charitable Trusts, Local Authorities, Confidential Paper, Waste Companies Banking and Recruiting Compaines.

Contact Us

To get in touch please use the green helpdesk button at the bottom of your screen or call 0161 660 4550. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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